The Walk And Talk Of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most rewarding projects one can undertake. Whether it is to provide a bigger space, to upgrade the current kitchen or to finally live the dream and prepare unrivaled meals to be chopped and chewed, all of these start with one small step. But where exactly is it that one starts and what are the steps to follow? This guide will show that it is as easy as pie.


Think, plan, look

Planning the project is a bit like greasing a cake tin. A little effort up front will provide a smooth ride at the end. What is it that you want? How is your kitchen to be used and by how many people? Think about these and note your priorities. Start sketching out a plan. Determine the scope and get a rough budget together. Don’t be hesitant to make mistakes and to change your mind. This is what progress is all about.

As things firm up in your mind go back and rework earlier parts of your plan. Once it starts setting like Aunt Mavis’ Jell-O Cake you can start looking for a professional home renovations company. Go surfing on the Internet and make a few calls to look at showrooms. Talk to the sales staff and come up to speed with the services they offer. This can range from providing product to managing the project from beginning to end.

Design and specify

This is the stage to let the artist in you cook up a storm. Get out that sketch pad, whether electronic or on organic paper. Stay with the layout and planning of space. Work towards a design that gets a handle on the materials required, where to place them, the area that is required and gain a good idea of the costs. Kick back and dream through those photos you have collected. Finalize a specification that includes the door style, the finish and the color of the cabinets; the materials for the countertop and a list of the appliances; sink, faucet and light considerations; and flooring a well as backsplash details.

Finalize and estimate

This part deals with mixing it all together into a smooth batter. If working with a contractor that is taking the load off you this part sees them finalizing the design with you, coming up with plans for the floor, lighting switches, electrical drawings and all the ingredients that go into successfully applying for the permits that may be required. The estimate also gets finalized and accepted here.

Prepare, execute and fix

If the previous actions went off smoothly this part is as easy as popping the pan into the oven and closing the door. Clean out the cabinets, treat yourself to a nice stay in a spa resort or set up a temporary kitchen in the back yard and stay out of the way of the workers who are making your dream come true. Once completed make up the brief list of items that have to be rectified and get them fixed.

You see! It is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

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