How To Use 3D Rendering To Plan The Perfect Basement Remodel For Your Home

So, you may have seen a picture of a basement you like in a magazine, but can you picture what it will look like in your home? Will it give you the look you are after? Most people cannot visualize it. This is where 3D rendering comes in. Specialist software lets you see every detail of your basement as it will look after a remodel. This lets you change designs, materials, textures and layouts and have a virtual ‘walk-through’ before you place your order. Here we will look at how the process works.

Contact An Interior Design Firm

The most straight-forward way to get a 3D rendering of a planned basement remodel is to contact an interior design firm or a remodeling company. If you are serious about getting a remodel, most firms will give you a free, no-obligation 3D rendering of how your basement will look like. The process works by having a designer visit your basement and take precision laser measurements of your basement dimensions. They input them into 3D rendering software and create a perfect virtual image of your basement. Using your ideas and their creativity, they feed details about what flooring, walls, ceiling and furniture you want to create the finished rendering. You can ‘walk-through’ to get a sense of how your basement will look and change anything you don’t like. Once your ideas are clear you can begin your project with confidence.

Contact A 3D Designer


Perhaps the only problem with contacting an interior design firm is that they will always point you towards their solutions, their products and their ideas. True enough, you may need the expertise of a remodeling or design firm to handle all the building permits, contractors and to provide a guarantee for the finished work. An indirect route is to contact a 3D designer. As they aren’t selling you anything except the time for their design work, they will use any furniture, material, product or item you can find in any image, magazine or picture to create your rendering. They aren’t tied to items in their companies inventory as they aren’t selling you anything. They will feed in the images and dimensions of anything you want to complete a truly unique rendering. The onus is then on you to source and manage contractors who can supply the furniture and materials that you want – this will be far easier with a rendering but much tougher than paying a remodeling firm to take care of it.

Buy Your Own Software

There is a huge number of 3D rendering software options for you to choose from on the market. If you want to remain independent and can spare the cost and time spent learning how to use the program, this may be a solution for you. Bear in mind that interior designers, remodelers and 3D designers likely have costly professional software that you aren’t willing to shell out for. Home-use software is a good way to take your basement dreams to designs. All rendering software should have free trial downloads. Try as many trial programs as time permits until you find one with easy-to use inputs and a look that you want. A program with the largest catalogue of furniture, textures, materials and fixtures will save you the most time in the long run and you will have fewer things to manually input.

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