How To Remodel Your Bathroom For Less In Calgary


If you are looking for affordable ways to renovate the bathroom of your Calgary home, the good news is that remodeling doesn’t have to be ruinously expensive. We’ve put together a list of four great ways you can drive down the costs of a quality remodel. Join us as we show you how to have a stunning new bathroom for a lot less than you think.

Tip #1. Don’t Change Your Floor Plan

The biggest reason why bathroom remodels run over budget is that they involve changing the floor plan. These changes invariably incur unforeseen complications and require numerous contractors such as plumbers and electricians to accomplish. The simplest way to reduce the cost of your remodel is to keep you existing floor plan and avoid having to change the location of pipes and outlets.

Tip #2. Don’t Outsource The Grunt Work

It’s great if you can afford to simply outsource the whole process of remodeling to professional firm but this isn’t always within everyone’s budget. You’d be amazed by how much of the cost of a renovation is simply demolition and trash removal. For example, hiring a plumber to remove a bath will cost you dear as their hourly rates as so high. In many cases, you can do light demolition yourself and organize trash removal with a self-hire skip. If this isn’t an option, a local handy man service will prove more cost effective than a tradesman or professional contractor.

Tip #3. Resurface, Refinish Or Re-Face

Replacing high-ticket items such as bathtubs cost far more than most people budget for. You haven’t just got the cost of the new tub but the expense of new tiling, carpentry and plumbing too. Replacing a $500 bath tub can easily turn into a $3,500 project once all factors are taken into account. Fortunately replacing things isn’t the only way to get new finishes. Here are three areas you can save big.

• Refinish Your Bath Tub

Refinishing technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Tubs can be refinished even if the enamel has been worn through and the latest coatings are highly resilient to wear and tear. You can even get anti-slip coatings to improve the safety of your tub. Even with the cost of new taps and hardware you still get an ‘as-new’ tub for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

• Refinish Tiling

Unless the tiles are cracked or chipped, the chances are excellent that you can refinish them. Many people stain the grout, apply new grout or paint old tiles with excellent results. Save your money for new tiling around wet areas where paint won’t hold up such as the shower.

• Cabinet Refacing

If you have any wooden cabinets in your bathroom, fitting new doors, handles and hinges is known as re-facing and costs 50 percent less than the price of buying new cabinets.

Tip #4. Get A Full, Not Partial Remodel

Shop around and you’ll likely find a firm that will quote you for an affordable bathroom renovation in Calgary at surprisingly low rates. Going for a full remodel, as opposed to a partial remodel, will save you 20 percent or more from the MRSPs of all parts and materials. This allows you to have a higher quality remodel than you could otherwise have afforded.

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