Remember To Think About Your Children When Remodeling Bathrooms!

Now and then, it is good to give your home a facelift to keep it looking fresh as well as add value to it. Bathrooms and kitchens undergo most renovations since they are most vulnerable to wear and tear. Most people design their bathrooms and kitchen to suit their design preferences as well as functionality. This way, you find that most remodeling does not include the needs of any children living in the home. If you have multiple baths, consider remodeling one of them to suit the children. You can pick the one that is closest to their rooms.

The kids’ bathroom can be a creation on its own, or it can be made to match the rest of the home. You can even get your child to share what they would like in there so that they can feel comfort and ownership when using the bathroom. Either you can change the décor or you can go for a total remodel. The following are some ideas that you can use.

Go crazy with the colours

The good thing with kids is that most basic colours are good for them. You can combine bright red, yellow, green, and blue with purple, orange, pink and lime to bring life and fun in the room. The colours do not have to match since as long as it has vibrant colours it is okay. You can use paint for the bathroom walls since it is inexpensive and readily available. It is also easy to remove when the kids turn into adults.

Decorate the room with fun accessories


Kids’ bathrooms should not be plain and boring. You can accessorize them with fun accessories. Have cartoon characters for towel holders, soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Get them squeaky toys for the bath and vibrant shower curtains. You can even have rubber shelves with vibrant colours. Look for rubber antiskid mats with cartoon characters for the floor and bathtub.

You can even use squeaky stars, ducks, and other toys to make bath time fun and enjoyable. If you do a complete bathroom remodel, replace the adult toilet bowl with an easy-reach low one for children. The same applies for the sink and other faucets. Make sure that they are well within their reach.

Work around a theme

You can consult with the children and find out what they like. Some themes include under the ocean, space, the zoo, and movie themes. You can paint decorative surfboards, penguins, or fish on the walls. If the kids have an ensuite, extend the bedroom theme into the bathroom to have a mini master suite.

Make the lighting work for them

Lighting is a good way of bringing any bathroom into life. With the kids’ bathroom, you can use light to decorate and improve functions. Have lights with motion detectors so that they do not have to keep touching the switches with wet hands. Children are notorious for leaving the taps running; hence, you can install faucets with motion sensors to help them conserve water. You can also have lights at the clothes hamper to remind them to put clothes there. Install the light fixtures at strategic places such as at the sink, the shower area, and the toilet area.

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