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Check out a recent kitchen renovation

Check out a recent kitchen renovation


Getting your dream kitchen is simple …

Take Anne for example.
She called us one afternoon wanting us to come and look at her kitchen as it needed updating. you see her house was built in the late 80’s and although still in very good shape they wanted something different. She was concerned that the “sunshine Ceiling” was creating a darker, smaller, more claustrophobic space. She was right Here is a before picture of their Kitchen Renovation

Before picture
Before picture

As you can see it is a well maintained kitchen but it really was quite dated. The general design of the kitchen was good however Anne had wanted newer cabinets and asked if there was anything we could do to make the kitchen look larger while still keeping to her budget.Plan drawing

This is what we came up with as a preliminary design. We moved the fridge over because as it was it created a little space in the corner that was rendered virtually useless. by moving the island out by a few inches it gave us clearance to put in a small corner pantry. We Layered the lighting by utilizing pot lights as well as accent lighting under the cabinets and added 2 hanging pendants over the island even though it is not a sit up island.

3d rendered

Once Anne met with our awesome designers she settled on a ivory colored paint for the new shaker style cabinets as well as a contrasting maple island and maple French door for the pantry. We provided her with this 3D rendering so she could better grasp what her project would look like once it was completed.
She loved it and we started the project.


Needless to say Anne and her Husband were very happy and excited to be back in there kitchen.

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