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Designer Tips on how to Freshen up your Home

Maria Killam

Take a splash of new paint, mix in some new towels, add a few new cushions and even a lamp or two, and you have some of the elements needed to freshen up your home, according to these two design experts .

Vancouver colour expert Maria Killam, recommends homeowners keep things simple when looking to freshen any space in their home.

“I hear all the time the easiest way to freshen a home is with paint,” ¬†Says Killam, who instructs people on distinguishing undertones in her true color expert workshops and is the eBook author of how to chose paint colours – it’s all in the undertones. “But sometimes that’s hard to do if your whole living area is earth tones – Chocolate brown, creams, gold’s, muted reds or rusty oranges. You can’t just inject a new paint colour if it doesn’t relate to anything in the space; it’s not going to work. “

“you could add … simple decorative touches such as bringing in a peace lily house plant”

She suggests that getting a fresh look doesn’t mean you have to then paint your living room walls in Kelly Green or Tangerine Tango (this year’s top colour), “you could add those colours and other with simple decorative touches such as bringing in a peace lily house plant, which is really easy to maintain, a white orchid or a chunky carved bowl with three to five grass green balls. If you’re really craving a change, changing the area rug you’ve had for the last 10 years and updating your toss cushions is a great way to inject a fresh look into your home.”

Janette Ewen


Janette Ewen, design and fashion expert on several TV shows including Canada AM,¬† advises homeowners not to be afraid to “mix things up; you can have traditional and modern together and rustic can work with clean lines, if it looks right, its right – your eye will tell you if it doesn’t work.”


To Freshen the look of a home, in particular the living room, Ewen looks at the flooring and suggests taking out the carpet in favour of hardwood or cork or updating the area rug to something with graphic lines. “flip out the cushions for something with flowers and add new lampshades, or spray paint the lamp base in a glossy bright yellow, candy apple red or bright green for a fresh look. “