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Bathroom Design Ideas | Calgary Bathroom Renovations


Bathrooms can often get overlooked when it comes to design and style, but when it comes to your home no room should be overlooked. here are some quick tips to re:design your bathroom on a budget.

when it comes to adding appeal to your Calgary bathroom renovation there are five area’s to focus on.


the walls in a bathroom quite often get overlooked, but they shouldn’t, try adding some texture to your space. When this is planned out and done by a professional design company the results can be outstanding. Also when its time to choose paint colors don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, a little, after all most bathrooms aren’t all that much work to repaint if your unhappy with the results.


when you start planning your Bathroom Renovation try to stay away from the standard bar lighting that seems to be so standard. Using wall sconces is a way to add a interesting piece to your room. you can use your lighting to accent other interesting pieces in your room. Don’t forget adequate lighting is necessary when doing a bathroom renovation especially in a master suite.


When it comes time to embark on your Bathroom Renovation try to stay away from your typical wall to wall vanity if at all possible. Try hunting down garage sales or flee markets for unique finds that can be refinished.


Details, Details – hardware may not be the most outstanding thing in a bathroom renovation nonetheless it is important and can either add or detract from the appeal your trying to achieve.  Use hardware on your cabinets to accent whatever look you may be going for, weather vintage, traditional, transitional or contemporary make sure that you choose something that fits.


When planning your Calgary Bathroom Renovation its important to get involved. If you have a sense of design be sure to keep the same feel through out the space. If your not as savvy as some, why not hire a designer or use a company that focuses on design, this way they can work with you to find out what you like and dislike and plan everything accordingly. After all they are professionals,  for Calgary Bathroom Renovations get in touch with re:design renovations they include a professional designer with all of their projects and will help you from start to finish.