Basement Renovation – A Few Good Ideas

Basements offer a unique opportunity to utilize the space in the most creative way that the other portions of your home can not be utilized. Unlike other areas, basements are not limited to one specific purpose; where bedrooms are only for sleeping, bathrooms are for washing and kitchens are for cooking, the basements can be used practically for about anything you can think of. They can be utilized for entertainment purposes, official work, as party place and for other chores as well. Moreover, turning an existing space that is not being used into a bedroom, a second living room is always more cost-effective than adding onto the house or creating an additional story. The basement renovation is also beneficial because the unique structure and settings of the basement allows them to be used for the purposes that would be awkward in other areas of house. And this trend is catching up in all major cities including Toronto, Calgary, Oakville and several others like them.  With such a versatile area, you will have a lot of options when you plan to recreate or remodel this space. So, picking up the right use of your basement is sure to up your family chances of enjoyment and comfort. But utmost care has to be taken while planning out the whole renovation plan of your basement area because poor planning can send you back to the dugout in hurry.

This is also a chance to showcase your creative and smart side to others. So, get your family members and friends into it and have a really great brainstorming session because more the number of people, a large number of innovative ideas will pop-up with discussion over all the pros and cons of every idea. You can also look for the internet spaces to get the wonderful things to do with your basement. And for this, we are presenting you some very interesting and creative ideas for your basement renovation. Here they are.

  • Party Space/Entertainment Centre

One of the most widely implemented options for the use of basement is to turn it into a party space. Most often, you feel an urge to throw a house party and enjoy with your friends and colleagues but this whole idea fills you with the spark of thunder as all the dimensions of your home get disturbed and affected by the after-party results. So, it is better to take all these things downstairs. Being an isolated area of your home, it can be turned into a great entertainment centre. With just the music systems, collection of CDs, proper lightning, bringing in the fridge having beverages and eatables will do all. Moreover, you can have different theme and occasion based parties and here you also not need to disturb the style of your home. Moreover, with some indoor games like foosball table, snooker table, table tennis table and others like this, the basement comes out to be a very good sports room as well.

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  • Children’s Playroom

You can also convert this space as your children’s playroom. Sometimes, it is bad weather outside or you are not feeling comfortable to let them play outside. So, this can be an ideal place for this situation. Nicely renovated with carpets, lights and painted walls, you can set it up as playroom for your children with indoor gaming systems, books and creative items to play with. And the best part is if they go to sleep getting tired, there is nothing to worry about as they will have a nice, comfortable and safe nap here.

  • Guestrooms or Living Room

If you are planning to add up extra living room, bedroom or the guest-room, then the basement can prove to be of great use. With its unique structure and setting, you can recreate another living space with best of the creativity and uniqueness.

  • Health Centre/ Meditation Centre

The basement can also be utilized as the space for gym or exercise purposes. With this fast-moving life, people get very less time to specifically go to gyms and health centre. They prefer to have it at their place itself. So, now you do not need to worry about finding the extra space to set up a health centre. Basement is there to rescue which can be utilized for the gym, meditation and other daily exercises without any need to go outside.

  • Official Workspace

While doing your office work or some other important routines, you really need a place which is isolated from all the noise and public disturbance. So, what is better than the basement for this situation? With almost no interference from daily habits and chores, basement can be effectively utilized for this purpose. For example, if you are a science guy with much into the research or something, then you can turn it into your personal laboratory or something. Or if you are in the mechanics related field, you can set it up as a mechanical workshop etc.

So, while deciding for the renovation of your basement area, you can definitely think of utilizing this for any of the above mentioned purposes. With proper remodelling and recreation, the basement can serve much more than just being an additional space for storage or repair work. But with this several precautions need to be taken as basement is prone to some problems like too much humidity and moisture content, flooding in rainy season, poor ventilation and other things. So, while renovating this space, do look for the problems associated with this and get them fixed by hiring licensed and experienced basement contractors.

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