How a Basement Renovation can Change Everything

Metropolitan cities are shrinking due to population growth. Space is becoming a major issue because apartments are becoming smaller even after being sold at astronomically high prices. Cities are constantly being cramped up and having an apartment or a house with a reasonably sized bedroom and bathroom is becoming a myth. So if in the given condition you are the owner of a house and not an apartment, you should consider yourself lucky. Owning a house definitely has its perks, like a backyard. Most of us do not value having a small backyard, but you do not realize what a little space like that can do when you are cramped in a one room apartment with barely any space to move.  Not to mention, it has the potential for growing plants which is another rarity in the growing concrete jungles. So how can we make room for ourselves with such space crunch issues? If you own a house with a basement, that should be more than enough to give you a little extra space for your much desired pool table or gaming zone. A regular basement renovation or remodeling requires about $5200. Now the other fun fact about renovating your basement is that it increases the value of your home when you choose to sell the place. About 90% of the time it happens that your renovation charges get included in the pricing of the property.

If you are planning on remodeling the basement, here is a list of important facts you need to consider:

1. Decisions:
The first step to remodeling your basement is to decide what you want to transform that empty place into. You can choose to make it a family room, a gym, a wine cellar, a gaming room, a guest bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Therefore, first decide what you want the basement to be transformed into.

2. Check for leaks and cracks:
Basements are prone to flooding and therefore before you even think of beginning any remodeling work, you need to check for any leaks or cracks and deal with them first. It is essential to fix all the crack and leaks before you start your remodeling project. Now some basements are also prone to high moisture accumulation in which case you need to get in a professional to fix that before any of the real work begins.

3. Check your wiring:
Remodeling the basement will definitely require installing new wiring systems and plumbing. Therefore, you need to ensure that the wiring system is easily accessible for proper maintenance once the project is finished. This can only be done by installing pre finished panels which can be easily removed whenever required.

4. Structural concerns:
While remodeling the basement, The ceiling and the floors must be taken into account as well. Although, most people usually opt for normal plasterboards, it is advisable to use tiles to ensure that the noise travelling up stairs is kept to a minimum. Similarly, instead of installing carpeting, tiles or laminates directly onto the concrete floor, it is better to install a completely new sub floor according to the professionals.

5. Lighting decisions:
Light is one of the most important factor while remodeling the basement, since it lacks natural lighting. Compared to the rooms above the ground the basement is more dark and dingy. Therefore, there should be ample lighting to make the place look bright; which if absent can make the space look eerie and dull. Track lighting is one option that can help you get all the light you need in the basement. But make sure you have enough lighting in the basement. That is the key to the remodeling project.

6. Color scheme:
The color scheme may make or break your remodeling project. The rest of the house has ample amount of natural light because of which the color scheme does not prove to be much of a challenge or concern. However, since the basement lacks natural lighting it is important to choose bold and bright colors and remember that the color palette for the rest of the house and the one for your basement will differ greatly. You need to make this space look bright and appealing and therefore try and stick to the brighter colors.

7. The bottom line:
The project cost is a factor you should fix even before starting the project since that helps you save money. If money is a concern then try to finish the basics such as the wiring and fixing the leaks and then when your cash flow increases move on to the structure and lighting. But try not to be too economical because that way you might end up using sod materials and finally you will land up with a space which will be both uninviting and unused. The basement is an extension of your home and you should take equal care while remodeling it.

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