5 Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Small Bedroom From Fine To Fabulous

Decorating or remodelling a small bedroom can be a daunting task. If you are planning to redesign your bedroom, choosing the right materials and approach can seem overwhelming. Here are five interior design tips to help you transform your small bedroom into a fabulous living environment.

Tip #1. Transform Your Closet Into An Open Door Closet

The latest direction in interior design is to open up spaces. If your small bedroom has a closet space, transforming this into an open closet is a smart move. You can remove the doors from any small closet, add some nice wall paper and add skirting boards to help it blend into the rest of the room. It will still be used as a closet so you can add in a chest of drawers and a hanging rail. This will make your bedroom look bigger, brighter and more modern.

Tip #2. Keep The Colour Scheme Monochromatic


Most people add puffs of colour to their bedroom with cushions, pillows, artwork and flowers. However, with a small bedroom, you can increase the perceived size of the room by keeping the colour scheme monochromatic. For instance, choose white linen for the curtains and the bed along with neutral furniture such as stained or varnished wood. This prevents the room from seeming oppressively cramped or crowded by too many different colours.

Tip #3. Recess The Lighting

Anything involving a professional electrician will add significantly to the overall cost of a design project. In the case of a small bedroom, the investment is worthwhile. Recessed ceiling lighting is possible if your room has a suspended ceiling. It will help your small bedroom look dramatically bigger. Although many people love the look of elegant suspended lights, these fixtures do impose on the living space. Choosing recessed lights will have a noticeable effect on the room.

Tip #4. Embrace Bins

According to the latest advice from the Home Interior Design Institute, the key to organizing your bedroom’s small space is to use as many storage bins as possible. Forget the ugly plastic boxes at your local supermarket, storage bins are available in a huge range of colours and textures, from woven baskets to stretched fabric. Bins can be positioned on shelving units, wall shelves or even under your bed. These give you an attractive, space-saving way of storing your clothes and things in your bedroom.

Tip #5. Wheel It Up

Don’t overlook the appeal of having furniture mounted on wheels. This can really help free up your design options when positioning furniture in a small bedroom. If you don’t even have enough space to walk past your bed when the wardrobe door is open, consider wheeled furniture. Many small tables and cabinets are sold will roller wheels so you can move them out of the way when you want to open a nearby door.

These five tips should help you transform your small bedroom into a fabulous space. What do you think of our tips for home improvement? Which ideas would you like to share? Leave us a comment below!

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