3 Great Ways to Utilize Your Basement

It is surprising how many homes were built with a basement included, but that is not as surprising as how many homes waste the space the basement gives them. In most cases a basement will be big enough to either have a couple of smaller rooms or one big one. Yet people continue to use a basement as a storage space, or somewhere to do their washing. With electricity and water often already available in a basement it is a huge waste of a space, especially as it could increase the value of your home. If your basement is still a basement, here are a few ideas that I hope will help you utilize the space a little better.

Children’s Room


As your kids grow up they seem to have a knack of taking over a house. Toys and games are spread around your living area, and their friends are often lying in front of the TV eating snacks and making a mess . Controlling noise in your house seems impossible, and you yearn for days of peace and quiet. Turning you basement into a children’s room will help in all these areas. A small investment for furniture and basic entertainment removes all the clutter your children generate, and moves their friends from your space to their own.


If you work from home this one is a no brainer. Instead of taking up the space in one of your main rooms, and denying its intended use, you can custom build a study or work area of your own in the confines of your residence. Being able to remove yourself from the chaos of family life will not only make your working life more efficient, it will make you happier while doing it, and allow you to run your household in quiet moments. It will also give you space that you would never achieve converting a room upstairs, which means that you can also install some recreational activities for those moments when you are searching for inspiration, or simply bored.


You basement can be the perfect place to convert into a bedroom, after all , the water and electricity supply are already there. Because of the space in many basements, it is possible to build a large bedroom and still have enough space to fit a private bathroom as well. Whether you simply intend it as a guest bedroom or need it for a growing family, these bedroom conversions often turn out to be the best bedroom in a house. Apart from the ready-made water and electricity supply, your basement also already has the advantage of already being a complete room, and this makes it much more suitable for conversion than most lofts.

Converting a basement is usually a straight forward task as the structure is already there, but you should always have the conversion done professionally. A professional will understand the need to protect you against damp, and will also understand the unique challenges of the conversion; not least of which is the need for sensible lighting. To me a wasted basement is wasted space; perhaps you should look at it the same way.

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