3 Great Ideas to Increase Your Floor Space Without Moving Home


If you would like some more room for a growing family, or need office space or something similar, you will be glad to know there are several viable alternatives to moving home. Building regulations permitting, it is possible to increase your usable square footage without encroaching on your external space. Here are a few ways that you can gain the extra space you want without uprooting your family.

Loft Conversion

There is so much space in a loft that it is possible to add up to 30% to your floor area. Depending on the type of roof you currently have on your property, you may not even need a lot of remodelling and strengthening. For some lucky houses it is possible to put up internal boarding, add electricity and access, and start to use the room. However most properties will require more work, but it is nothing that a good construction company cannot do for you. The main problems are access, roof restructuring and strengthening, and building regulations, but a good construction company can easily advise you about these things.

Basement Conversion

Similar to a loft conversion but generally much simpler to complete, basement conversions have become incredibly popular. All of the structure is already in place along with access, making it an easier process for construction and regulation. It often only takes decorating and adding more electric points to make a basement usable, but you should consult a builder about the possibility of damp and flooding. Something to consider about a basement conversion is that not everybody likes the feeling of spending time in a windowless environment. Luckily, a basement is the perfect opportunity to create the space you want, and you can make it as comfortable for you as you want. Think about your lighting and decor and you will soon forget you are underground

Over Garage Extension

Somewhere that few people consider when trying to increase floor space is the garage. Though it is possible to convert a garage into a room, you then have the problem of where to park your vehicle. However, it is also possible to build on the top of your garage and gain another room. It may take some strengthening to foundations, but if that is not required a second floor garage extension can be less expensive than a ground floor extension. You will not gain as much room as with a loft conversion or a basement conversion, but as a way to add to your home it is an excellent idea. You will need to think about access to the extension though; you could have an external entrance, one rising through the garage itself, or even through one of the rooms in your property; though access through your bedroom is probably not advisable.

Any of these ideas will give you the extra space you require, and without moving home or cutting into your garden. If you contact a reputable building contractor, they will advise you on which of the options is best for your property and your pocket. However, I think it is always a good idea to try to get the feel of how the space feels, so try to find some friends homes to look around before making your final decision.

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