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Calgary Home Renovations are constantly evolving to accommodate new styles and innovative living space ideas. Your home is your special place where you and your family grow and develop, it’s where lifelong memories are created and cherished. At re:design renovations we make sure that your ideas and dreams are brought to life with careful and detailed project planning.  We believe that homes should be designed and built to embody functionality, comfort and a touch of your personality so that it is the ultimate space for you and your family.

At re:design renovations we provide interior renovations for your home, whether that be a Kitchen Renovation, a Basement Development or, a Bathroom Renovation. We also have a range of services including Flooring, Carpentry, Painting, Windows and exterior, and Drywall services. If your home needs it we can do it. Ask us about our special “facelift” package!

What’s Different about us?

We have extensive experience in performing all different kinds of Renovations in Calgary. Not only do we put a high importance on quality of material, workmanship and, service, we also feel that building a strong positive relationship with you (our client) is imperative to your project. Many times we find after we get to know you and your family that there are better ways to address the needs in your home, things that many of our clients have never thought about before speaking with us. Building this relationship also means that you are comfortable with us being in and working on your home. We utilize superior building and design systems so you always know what to expect when your project is finished.

How does it work?

To get the process started simply contact us. You can e-mail us through the form on this website, or you can call us at 1-800-810-2451 you’ll be put in touch with one of our qualified Managing Project Directors, They have extensive experience not only in managing projects but each of them comes from a background in renovations, so when they visit you in your home they can determine possible problems, and more importantly, solutions right from the beginning. This is important as it helps to provide you with an Accurate quotation.

The re:design process

Steps 1 – 6 Introduction Phase

  1. Introduce you to your personal Project Director
  2. Discuss the scope of work
  3. Give you a rough budget based on ballpark figures
  4. Review the site (your home)
  5. Take notes and photographs

Steps 6 – 9 Estimating and Signing Phase

  1. Establish Scope of Work
  2. Generate an Estimate (revisions as required)Based on specific Allowances
  3. Establish a start date
  4. Sign the agreement and accept deposit

Steps 10 – 12 Pre-Construction planning

  1. Selections, selections and more selections done by you and our very qualified design team
  2. Site preparation
  3. Trade and Supplier coordination

Steps 13 – 16 Final Renovation

  1. The work is happening in the home
  2. Change orders processed as required
  3. Final clean
  4. Customer walk-through and final review


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